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This Summer: Unstructure Your Kids!

BY LENORE SKENAZY | About 15 years ago, some friends whose kids went to the same pre-K as ours invited us to visit the bungalow colony an hour upstate, where they spend their summers. “Great!” we said. “But what’s a bungalow colony?” As it turns out, it’s a time portal that can transport you back […]

Snowflakes and Unicorns

BY LENORE SKENAZY | Do you know what a Finsta is? Neither did I, because I am not between the ages of 13 and 34. Anyone 13 to 18 is “Gen Z,” and those aged 18 to 34 are the much-discussed Millennials. Dan Coates studies both groups. His company, yPulse, is a Manhattan marketing research […]

A Global Community Befitting a Global City

BY PENNY ABEYWARDENA AND GALE BREWER | We’re uniquely blessed as New Yorkers. With more than 8.5 million residents and more than half a million commuters a week, New York City is a gathering place for talent in every sector and industry from every corner of our country and around the globe. This city is […]

America’s True Native Fashion

America’s True Native Fashion

BY LENORE SKENAZY | When you think about Native Americans and fashion, your first thought might be “Beads.” (Well, at least mine was.) Wait, no. Feathers! No— buckskin with fringe. What’s more Native American than buckskin pants worn by some high-cheeked hunter about to shoot a deer? Well how about a Louis Vuitton arrow quiver? That […]

Cuomo Tuition “Breakthrough” Fails Those Most in Need

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Seizing on an issue whose appeal became clear during the Democratic presidential primary contest last year, Governor Andrew Cuomo has made New York the first state in the nation to provide free tuition to its state colleges and universities. The program, enacted in the new budget adopted early this month and […]

“Girls” Is Over; Long Live the Girls

BY LENORE SKENAZY | If you’re thinking of writing a bestseller, I’ve got a word of advice for you: Girl. Put “Girl” in the title and you almost don’t have to do anything else, except figure out a plot, some twists, and an ending. And don’t forget to put a girl character in there, of course. […]

What A Small — and Amazing — World!

What A Small — and Amazing — World!

BY LENORE SKENAZY  | A new airport is about to open on 44th Street, just west of Times Square. It has 17 gates, plenty of parking, 34 gift shops, and, of course, planes taking off and landing day and night. Best of all, a ticket only costs $25. That’s because this airport is the jewel in the […]

Genetic Crystal Ball-Gazing

Genetic Crystal Ball-Gazing

BY LENORE SKENAZY | Congratulations, you’re going to have a baby! Would you like to know if, 50 years or so down the line, he or she might develop colon cancer? And by the way, the baby may also have a slightly increased risk of Alzheimer’s. Would you like to know about that, too? Oh, […]

Time for Council Action on Tenant Harassment

BY PAUL SCHINDLER  | You can’t swing a dead cat in Manhattan without hitting a politician willing to denounce President Donald Trump in no uncertain terms. Among the justified knocks on the new White House occupant is that his agenda will have a corrosive impact on the faith Americans place in the power of government to […]

Rethinking Violent Crime and Prison

Rethinking Violent Crime and Prison

BY LENORE SKENAZY | It’s no secret that America loves to send people to prison. We have less than five percent of the world’s population and more than 20 percent of its prisoners — which is odd for a “Land of Liberty.” Lately it has become common to attribute our mass incarceration to the war on […]

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