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Terrible Presidents, Tattooed on the Backs of Two Generations

Terrible Presidents, Tattooed on the Backs of Two Generations

BY MAX BURBANK | Several years ago my bride, a woman of excellent judgment, exercised her marital veto and forbade me to get a tattoo of Richard Nixon. While I recognized and accepted her authority in the matter (all marriages have bargains), I fear she thought I was being impulsive. I was not. I’m not […]

Single Mom Success Story, and Then Some

Single Mom Success Story, and Then Some

BY LENORE SKENAZY | When Emma Johnson was growing up, she was certain of one thing: She would never be a single mom. After all, she’d been raised by one. And while she appreciates her mom’s hard work and how it paid off, the bottom line is, they were broke. Emma didn’t ever want to […]

The Rational Act of Questioning Trump’s Sanity

BY MAX BURBANK | “He’s an asshole, but he’s our asshole.” That’s how California Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine) described President Donald J. Trump to a “Meetup” of the Riverside County Young Republicans, and I’m not making any of that up. Not the use if the word “asshole.” Not that a Republican congressman used that word […]

Jewish Identity in the Summer of Hate

Jewish Identity in the Summer of Hate

BY MAX BURBANK | Growing up, everything I knew about being a Jew came from Woody Allen films and the movie version of “Fiddler on the Roof.” Sad, right? No Zero Mostel for me, my Tevye was Topol, for Christ’s sake! (See what I did there? Apparently, Jesus was a Jew. A lot of people […]

Life with a Son on the Spectrum

BY LENORE SKENAZY | Manhattanite Judith Newman was at the deli counter ordering cold cuts with her sons Gus and Henry, twins in their early teens. One of them was hopping up and down, announcing to anyone and everyone that his father would soon be coming home from a trip and would land at JFK, […]

Berry’s Very Paranoid Flick Kidnaps the Facts

BY LENORE SKENAZY | “Marco!” Halle Berry calls to her insanely adorable son in the new movie, “Kidnap.” “Polo!” the six-year-old gleefully calls back. “Marco!” Halle calls again as they play in a sun-dappled park. “Polo!” EXPRESS YOURSELVES If you’ve seen the poster for this movie — or heck, noticed its name — it will […]

You’d Like My Friend

BY LENORE SKENAZY | Friday was a normal day for my friend Barbie Levin, an occupational therapist. She went to the modest home of a brand new patient, a baby who’d had a stroke in utero, was now one-year-old and still not crawling because one leg was too weak. As the mom watched, Barbie got […]

Middle Eastern LGBTQs Underrepresented in Health Research — And That’s a Problem

Middle Eastern LGBTQs Underrepresented in Health Research — And That’s a Problem

BY PAUL A. BROWN | This year, Pride Month took on a distinctly activist tone in response to the Trump administration’s flagrant disregard for the rights of women, people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ folks. While the demand for a more intersectional approach to LGBTQ activism is heartening, as an Arab American I can’t help […]

The Meter is Running Out on Cars

BY LENORE SKENAZY | What if you could rent a place to store a giant pile of your stuff in New York City for free? The bad news is you can. If you own a car, you can park it on the street in many neighborhoods without paying a cent. All you have to do […]

This Summer: Unstructure Your Kids!

BY LENORE SKENAZY | About 15 years ago, some friends whose kids went to the same pre-K as ours invited us to visit the bungalow colony an hour upstate, where they spend their summers. “Great!” we said. “But what’s a bungalow colony?” As it turns out, it’s a time portal that can transport you back […]

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